• Date : May 2022
  • Category : Server Configuration, API, Mobile App Development, Admin Dashboard Development
  • Client : Solucalc www.solucalc.com
  • Solucalc is the company of reference for CO2 water softener in Belgium, Holland, France and Germany. Their innovative technology is helping over 20,000 clients get cleaner, softer water in their homes every day.


The water softeners are installed in more than 20,000 households. Solucalc intended the development of a digital solution to modernize processes, allowing the transmission of data, the automatic creation of statistics and other important features. This solution should also accentuate and increase the capacity and also the scaling potential of Solucalc.



Arckipel has performed a first needs audit. In this analysis, the specific needs were addressed and put in relation with the existing IT structure of Solucalc. A first scheme took into account the financial dimension defined for the realization of the software development, the server set-up, the optimization of its cost structure and scalability. The technical possibilities were The technical possibilities were matched with the company's needs in order to develop a product that was absolutely consistent with the company's logic.

Description of the solution<

After conducting the audit, a clear project had been defined. In discussion with the client, the custom solution was confirmed as follows: the development of an administration dashboard whose data will be viewable in a mobile application, developed for Android/IOS + the implementation of a scalable server.

1. Mobile App

Feature establishment based on customer need, display of data about the Solucalc devices installed, UX/UI conception and Design, publication to Apple Store and Google Play in Android/IOS.

2. Admin Dashboard

A custom dashboard has been developed to manage the creation of Solucalc devices for customers and the maintenance team. This tool also allows the sending of push notifications on the mobile application and the monitoring of the device fleet.

3. Server Config and API

The API, database and MQTTs will run on Dedicated Server Rack with load balancing based on Kubernetes and Docker. This infrastructure is scalable so that if more resources are needed in the future, which is expected as part of Solucalc's planned business development, the server setup can be ergonomically adapted to their needs.