• Date : January-September 2020
  • Category : Design, Manufacturing, Logistics and Installation
  • Client : C.S.C
  • The Confederation of Christian Trade Unions is the largest trade union in Belgium, uniting 1.6 million members served by over 70 agencies
  • Analysis

    The CSC branches serve many clients on site every day. The queuing system and waiting time has been ever since run manually by each branches secretary, an increasing problematic situation for streamlining the organisation processes, optimising the overall time deployment and customer satisfactions.

    The challenge was to find a way to digitise and automate this processes in order to relieve the staff and increase customer friendliness.


    A personalised Kiosk System including: a resistent LG Touch Screen, an Integrated eID Reader, a Webcam, and a PC Intel i5 + unlimited access for free to the Arckipel Dashboard that provides the CSC with 24/7h ticket support, an overview of their products, including location, status, and more.


    Audit, Needs definition, Prototype Design, Prototype manufacturing and delivery, Project confirmation, Manufacturing, Logistics of Delivery


    The aim was to provide a visible solution to the defined problems in the long term, which would both relieve the employees in their work process and guarantee the customers a tangible and measurable improvement in their experience in dealing with the C.S.C. Solidarity and respect are at the heart of CSC's interaction with its clients. The "tangible" advantage of a modern, interactive interface, which enables customers to register independently for their meetings at CSC and optimises actively waiting time, was the ambition of this project.


    After resumption of normal activities, after the pandemic the kiosk systems have now been installed in 41 branches and serve to improve processes on a daily basis. CSC is currently testing to what percentage customer satisfaction has increased with the installation of the kiosk systems.