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Use Cases

January-September 2020

Client: C.S.C Belgium

Design, Manufacturing, Logistics and Installation

May 2022

Client: Solucalc

Server Configuration, API, Mobile App & Admin Dashboard Development

June 2022

Client: PolisiN

Social Media Plateform & Admin Dashboard

Improved Business Processes through Interaction

Everything in the world of business can boil down to interaction. The most important interaction in the 21st century is the relationship between technology and human. Technology is infused in the everyday operations of a business both internally and externally. Teams use websites, applications, software, programs, and hardware to operate more efficiently and to improve the experience for customers.

We’re an archipelago of expertise

Arckipel is a leading provider of digitized solutions for businesses that are looking to improve their interactions. We offer a range of software and hardware products such as interactive kiosks to help companies stay ahead of the competition, reach new levels of growth, and overcome obstacles to their success.

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